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An emerging masterplan for Hereford - Have your say!

Hereford is a vibrant, attractive city, with a rich history and thriving local economy. But there are challenges we need to address for the city to continue to thrive in the future. Hereford can be difficult to get into and around, whether you’re travelling on foot, by bike, by car, bus or train. The city needs more infrastructure to support safe cycling, wheeling and walking, alongside better planned and integrated public transport. This will create real movement choice and improved highway resilience for those who genuinely need to use their cars. Living within a city has many benefits, but we need more homes to ensure that future generations of people can continue to live here. We also need to reduce carbon emissions to improve air quality and play our part in dealing with the current climate emergency. With the Local Plan currently out for consultation, an Economic Plan under development and a new Local Transport plan to come - Herefordshire Council is developing a more detailed masterplan for Hereford. This will enhance the character of the city and provide a blueprint for connecting it internally and to the counties, market towns and villages nearby, making Herefordshire an even better place to live and work in the future. By creating a coherent vision that links the statutory plans, the masterplan will support the case for future investment and ensure future delivery is consistent and well-coordinated. We want to know what you think. Have your say on our interactive map and online survey . Sign up to receive regular updates about the project.

Posted on 1st December 2022

by Herefordshire Council